Employees can enrol only one spouse on the BCPSEA benefits program:

  • A legal spouse
  • An estranged spouse (separated)
  • An ex-spouse (divorced)
  • A common-law spouse

If you become divorced or legally separated from your Spouse, the following steps must be taken:

  • To delete or change your Eligible Spouse, you are required to complete and sign the BCPSEA Benefits Change Form and provide that form to the Benefits Administrator.
  • You must complete the Common Law Spouse Declaration Form, if applicable, to enrol a new common-law spouse.
  • If the Family Status has changed (i.e. from Couple to Single), appropriate premium adjustments will be effective the first of the month coincident with or the next following date of change.


  • Coverage may not be continued for an ex-spouse without a separation agreement or court order that states the member must continue coverage for the ex-spouse under the “employer-sponsored plan.”
  • You may change your Eligible Spouse from an ex-spouse or estranged spouse to a common-law or a new legal spouse on the date the new spouse is eligible for coverage.
  • You will be required to sign a Common Law Spouse Declaration form to enrol a common-law spouse.
  • If you and your common-law spouse stop living together, the common-law relationship is deemed to have ended and the Spouse is no longer eligible for coverage under the BCPSEA Benefits Program.