If your dentist cannot send your claims to the Insurer electronically, you must submit all eligible dental claims to PBC within 90 days of the completion date of services.

Failure to submit a claim within the 90 day limit will not invalidate the claim if it is submitted as soon as reasonably possible.

In no event will PBC pay any claim or adjustment submitted later than 1 year from the date the expense was incurred.

You incur an expense on the date your dentist performs a single appointment procedure. For procedures that take more than one appointment, you incur the expense once the entire procedure is completed.

You may be required to provide the dentist’s statement of the treatment received, pre-treatment x-rays and any additional information considered necessary by PBC.

If you terminate employment with the District, or are no longer eligible for employee benefits under the BCPSEA Buying Group program, you must submit all claims incurred before your termination within 90 days after you leave or after you are no longer eligible for coverage.

For questions regarding the status of your claims, you can contact PBC’s Call Centre directly at (604) 419-2600 or toll free 1-888-275-4672 or access PBC’s member portal (PBC Member Profile – bluecross.ca).”

Submitting dental claims electronically

Your dentist may be able to send your claims electronically to the Insurer for you, which can facilitate payment for your dental claims directly between PBC and your dentist. Discuss this option with your dentist.

Submitting dental claims by mail

To submit eligible dental claims by mail, print the Dental Claim form (you may also use a standard dental claim form supplied by your dentist). Your dentist must complete Part 1 and you must complete Part 2.

  • Sign and date the form. Mail the completed form to Pacific Blue Cross.
  • Pacific Blue Cross will mail the cheque for your eligible expenses directly to your home.