For disability benefits please refer to the “Becoming Disabled” section of the What Happens When guide.

If you are eligible for basic life insurance and are diagnosed with a terminal illness (death expected within 24 months) you may be eligible to receive up to 50% of your insured benefit amount to a maximum of $50,000. Application for this advance is voluntary and subject to insurer approval.

If approved, this advance payment and the interest accrued will reduce the benefit amount paid to your beneficiary at the time of your death. To apply for the Life Advance Payment, please ask your benefits administrator to assist you with completing the Living Benefit Claim form and have your physician complete the Living Benefit Attending Physician’s Statement. Please send the completed forms to the following address:

Pacific Blue Cross
PO Box 7000
Vancouver BC V6B 4E1

No Living Advance Payment will be made if the insurer receives the request within the twenty-four months preceding the date on which the your life insurance terminates, as a result of an accident or injury, or following the termination of this benefit or policy.