Employees who do not complete and sign the BCPSEA Benefits Enrolment form within the specified time periods listed below will be considered a Late Applicant.

  • Basic Life and Basic Accidental Death & Dismemberment: within 31 days of the initial Eligibility Date.
  • Extended Health and Dental: within 4 months of the initial Eligibility Date.

If you are considered a Late Applicant you must provide satisfactory medical evidence of insurability to the Insurer prior to becoming eligible for coverage.

To become eligible for coverage the following steps must be taken:

  • You must complete the Evidence of Insurability form and submit this form to the Insurer. For Dental, please review the information below to determine if you are required to complete the Evidence of Insurability form. Please ensure you choose the correct form from the Forms page for the benefit you are applying for as the forms differ by insurer.
  • The Insurer will advise you of approval and provide a copy of this approval to the Benefits Administrator.
  • Your coverage commences when formal written approval is received from the Insurer(s). Retroactive premiums to the effective date of coverage may be required.
  • For Dental: If you are considered a late applicant, the effective date of your coverage will be based on whether your plan requires you to submit a dental declaration for approval or if there is a dollar amount restriction for your first year of coverage (i.e. $100/$125/$250 maximum for the first year). Your District Benefits Administrator will advise you which dental late applicant rules apply to your plan. Based on these options, the following steps must be taken to become eligible for coverage:
    • For school districts that require a dental declaration to be submitted, the employee should complete a Dental Declaration Form (Evidence of Insurability Form) and provide it to the district benefits administrator. The district benefits administrator will send the declaration as well as a copy of your BCPSEA enrolment form to Enrollment@pac.bluecross.ca. The provider will send the school district a letter stating whether you have been approved or denied coverage.
    • If approved, the effective date of coverage will be the 1st of the month following approval by the provider.
    • For school districts that have a dollar maximum late applicant restriction for the first year of coverage, the district administrator will enroll you onto the dental plan and PBC will apply the dollar maximum restriction for the first year. The effective date of coverage will be the date indicated by the benefits administrator on the enrolment form.