You are required to nominate who will receive the proceeds of your Life and/or Accidental Death benefits in the event of your death.

Important information about designating a Beneficiary:

  • You may nominate anyone you wish as a Beneficiary.
  • You may nominate more than one person as a Beneficiary and allocate a percentage of the total benefit by Beneficiary.
  • You should appoint a Trustee on the BCPSEA Benefits Enrolment form if the Beneficiary(ies) are not of legal age.
  • If you wish to change your beneficiary(ies), you must sign and date the BCPSEA Benefits Change form.
  • The initial designation of a Beneficiary is made on the BCPSEA Benefits Enrolment form.
  • The Benefits Administrator will file the BCPSEA Benefits Enrolment form and BCPSEA Benefits Change form (if applicable) in the Employee’s personnel file for use in the event of your death.


  • There are two types of beneficiaries – revocable and irrevocable.
  • All beneficiaries are revocable unless the Employee designates in written notice to the Benefits Administrator that the beneficiary is irrevocable.
  • To effect a change from an irrevocable beneficiary to any other beneficiary, one of the following documents is required:
      • Renunciation by the irrevocable beneficiary, or
      • Evidence of death of the irrevocable beneficiary, or
      • Final Decree of Divorce, if the irrevocable beneficiary is the Spouse of the Employee

Estate as a beneficiary

If you do not wish to designate any specific person as Beneficiary, you must indicate “Estate” on the BCPSEA Benefits Enrolment form.

The proceeds of Life insurance and/or Accidental Death insurance in the event of your death will be paid in accordance with your Will, or if you do not have a Will, in accordance with the laws of intestacy of the province of in which you reside.

As a general rule, payments to designated persons, such as the Spouse or children of legal age, or children with a trustee appointed, are available more promptly as there is no need for Probated Wills or other title documentation.